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The greenhouse system is a glass part of the space that brings a part of your natural environment to your building, whether residential or commercial.
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Garden in winter and summer

Greenhouses are aesthetically appealing and usable in summer and winter. Over time, they are becoming increasingly popular with catering establishments, business premises and private residential buildings. In the winter, they turn into an incredible oasis of enjoyment, because from the warm surroundings you can enjoy the magic of winter. In the summer they are a pleasant place to rest and enjoy the last rays of the sun and in addition, give extra space.

Their purpose is multifaceted, apart from aesthetic appeal and functionality, these gardens expand the space, not just visually. They are an ideal solution for extending all objects. They are extremely resistant to different weather conditions and are a long-lasting investment.

Biser moderne arhitekture

The pearl of modern architecture

The greenhouse system is an indispensable trend in modern architecture, which is increasingly occupying space in modern buildings. In addition to expanding space, these systems give a modern, slightly futuristic look to objects, and they look attractive. They are especially represented in modern catering establishments, which want to afford their guests the best possible atmosphere.

Više od izvora dnevnog svjetla

More than a daylight source

Modern greenhouses can be tailored to your wishes and needs. Gardens have become more than just a source of daylight, and with the constant adaptation and development of technology and garden architecture, they are gaining importance and becoming part of purpose-built facilities. Using modern systems for the production of greenhouses, space receives maximum acoustic and thermal insulation, and such systems are characterized by long-term and durability in all weather conditions.

The main recommendation of the expert team for making glass gardens is that if you want to turn your glass garden into a winter garden for enjoyment, position the glass garden on the southwest side of the existing facility, because then the solar energy is the highest and the easiest to reach a comfortable temperature throughout the year. . This is just one example of how gardens can be used. Best quality materials and outstanding design guarantee exceptional element durability and superior aesthetic appeal.

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