Stakleni balkoni

Glass balconies

Sistem staklenih balkona predstavlja idealno rješenje za zastakljivanje stambenih i poslovnih prostora. Ovaj sistem je odličan kao akustična izolacija i idealna zaštita od vremenskih neprilika.

Proširenje i prozračnost prostora

Expansion and space breathability

Glass balconies are an elegant solution for glazing residential and commercial properties because they feature thin profiles and are easy to maintain. This invisible protection against external influences provides additional light and breathability to the space as it is very easy to operate. A glass balcony system can be an addition to a living room that you can enjoy at any time.

On summer days you can have more sun in your area, at night you can watch the sky, in winter you can sit in a comfortable armchair and watch the snow or rain fall. With this system, you get an elegant and modern space extension, the perfect accessory to decorate a space and enjoy on a regular basis.

Dodatna svjetlost i nevjerojatan pogled

Extra light and incredible views

Glass balconies are widely used and have become one of the most modern additions to space. Commercial spaces such as cafes and restaurants are increasingly adding a glass balcony to their space, especially if they are located at higher levels of buildings, giving guests an incredible view in any season.

The extra light that the glass balconies provide in the winter while protecting from rain, snow and wind, heats the room and prevents moisture. By glazing the balcony you can transform the space into a very comfortable living room and with the combination of shutters and reflective glass, your balcony becomes covered and protected from view.

Jednostavna montaža

Easy installation

The glass balcony system is very desirable because of its simple and easy installation. It is very easy to install in less accessible locations and does not require heavy construction work. With this system you avoid long work in your space and you get the ideal solution for expanding space. This system allows the design of different forms of terraces, shapes according to the wishes of the client, be it flat, semicircular, circular, angular and similar.

The system is suitable for installation on all types of facades and contributes to the modern appearance of the building. The system consists of aluminum guides – upper and lower, which allow easy movement and orientation of glass walls, ie panels. The systems are installed above the parapet walls or railings, the glass height is 3,000 cm and the width of the sash depends on the length of the rock (the usual width is 60-80 cm).

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Opt for a glass balcony system and enjoy the balcony all year long!

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