Greenhouses for cottages

The greenhouse system for cottages turns your favorite vacation spot into a modern haven in nature.
Vikendice u staklu

Cottages in glass

Many cottages are a favorite living space because it is intended for enjoyment and rest. With their accommodation, mostly in nature, cottages have always provided the perfect place to escape into nature and connect people with nature. Primarily, the cottages did not have the aesthetics they have today and looked less luxurious. With the advancement of architecture, cottages are becoming more modern, aesthetically beautiful, and expressing lifestyles and are usable in many ways.

By expanding your cottage with a glass garden, you not only get in the usable space, but you get the irreplaceable feeling of being “naked” in nature. So during the winter days your cottage offers an incredible atmosphere of closeness to nature. From your greenhouse you can enjoy the most beautiful magic of the mountain, looking at a white expanse that looks more than magical. The glass garden brings light and heat to the cottage and protects against weather. In the summer, your glass garden can be a protection from various insects, but still a place to enjoy the sun, the breeze and the romantic sunsets.

Staklene bašte kao izraz kreativnosti

Greenhouses as an expression of creativity

Your cottage, your escape from fatigue and noise, may look like you want. You can design the glazing of the cottage yourself as the glass garden system is flexible and very easy to install. This system requires extensive construction work and you can find the best creative solutions with an expert team. Turn your cottage into an even more perfect place to enjoy nature and relax. You can ‘play’ with glass and design different ways of glazing a cottage, which will give your cottage the look you have always imagined.

 Idealno mjesto može biti još idealnije

The ideal location might be even more ideal

Your resting place should be according to your preferences and wishes. Adding greenhouse to the cottage gives you a perfectly used space, special purpose. The glass garden protects from external influences and provides an irreplaceable view and touch with nature. By decorating the cottage, you give your cottage a more modern, urban look and a new level of enjoyment of nature.

We believe you can easily imagine in your late-night glass garden watching the sunset, protected from the outside, surrounded by nature. Do not fantasize, but glass your cottage and enjoy.

We recommend that you take a look …

For nature lovers the greenhouse in the cottage is the perfect place to rest and enjoy.

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