Glazing systems

RMA Banja Luka

We are an ambitious company engaged in the installation and construction of glass gardens, glass balconies and aluminum fences and which, over 13 years of operation, with over 900 satisfied clients, 3,500 finished balconies and 1,500 finished gardens, has become a leader in the glazing space.

RMA Banja Luka

We provide our services throughout BiH

A creative and innovative professional team that is constantly working to acquire new knowledge and keep up with the trends of state-of-the-art architecture is the reason why RMA occupies a leading position in the design of glass gardens, balconies and aluminum fences.

We are happy to respond to all client ideas and meet even the most demanding challenges, and we do not hesitate to offer innovative solutions and ideas. We provide our services throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are always happy to come to construction sites, take the necessary measures, examine conditions, make plans and monitor the performance of the entire process.

Many years of experience of our expert team and a large number of satisfied clients are the best confirmation of our quality and guarantee of our work imbued with a love for what we do and satisfactory solutions of our clients’ wishes that we provide with a piece of modern architecture adapted to their space.

RMA Banja Luka

Glass systems

A combination of top quality and attractive design

RMA glass systems are made according to the German system of dismantling glass partitions. This system does not indicate the need for vertical elements, partitions that used to be a necessary part of glass systems.

Removable glass partition system is an ideal solution for closing or partitioning the space because in addition to providing the desired functionality, it contributes to the aesthetic appearance of your space.

The unique system of fittings allows full opening of glazed spaces with the possibility of connecting at an angle. To achieve this capability, this system does not require vertical partitions that would impair the aesthetic appearance of the glazed space.

Materials used for glazing space are materials of the best quality, which with modern and specially adapted design guarantee the durability of the elements and superior aesthetic impression.

Removable partition system is an ideal solution for various purpose-built premises such as offices, then spaces requiring a partition between the smoking and non-smoking areas and other similar spaces.

RMA Banja Luka

The most important features of the glass partition system:

  • safe tempered glass (transparent, blue and greenish)
  • energy savings with less heat loss
  • ideal protection against weather, bugs, birds and dust
  • good sound insulation – additional noise shield
  • closing the space without affecting the facade
  • very easy maintenance and management
  • system without loss of outside light
  • long lasting and quality solution

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